Songs, Hymns, and Music in Chinese

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Chinese Christian Worship CD

Ambassadors for Christ (AFC)

Praise The Lord (CD)
This is a computer file of a hymnbook with 500 songs, most of which are very popular for Chinese Christians.

Heavenly Melody (CD)
This CD contains Christian songs in Mandarin. Lyrics of the songs are included.

Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN)
Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN) is an online Christian Radio Station. You can listen to Christian music or radio programs in Chinese or other languages (Mandarin Christian Radio Station Streamed Online, Chinese Traditional Christian Radio Station Streamed Online, Chinese Simplified Christian Radio Station Streamed Online).

Chinese Baptist Press

Mountain of Grace

Music & Audio

Tien Dao Christian Media Associatio (TDCMA) Bookstore

A New You (CD)
This CD contains 17 Christian songs in Chinese language.

Life Ablaze (CD)
Life Ablaze let you experience the love of God and sets your mood in worshiping God.

Love Never Fails (CD)
Love Never Fails contains love songs for Jesus. This worship album is in Mandarin language.

My Homeland (CD)
This music album is about God's loving presence in the midst of suffering in the hometown of Taiwan.

Wonderful Creator (CD)

Liberty House Company

Chinese Christian's Favorite Collections

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