Christian Outreach Ministries to Chinese

Ambassadors for Christ
This ministry reaches Chinese intellectuals for Christ. Ambassadors for Christ endeavors to share the gospel to Chinese intellectuals through literature, conventions, and campus ministries. Aside from proclaiming the Gospel, AFC also mobilizes Chinese believers to be a vital force for God's kingdom.

Antioch Missions - Chinese Church Support Ministries
AM-CCSM provides an opportunity for Christians from around the world to serve in China for short- and long-term; strengthens, resources and equips the Chinese church with Bibles and Christian teaching materials, and; supports the people of China through informed prayer and mercy projects amongst the poor, needy and orphaned. You can find these links in their website: Prayer updates, Antioch School of Missions, Short-term teams, printing ministry, mercy ministry, China Challenge (AM-CCSM publication), news, and podcasts.

Asia Harvest
Asia Harvest is an inter-denominational Christian ministry working in China and other nations of Asia, helping with strategic and life-changing projects, and seeing God perform exciting and extraordinary things. Asia Harvest features the following on their website: Newsletters, bookstore, testimonies, Paul Hattaway's blog, videos, quiz, and many more. You can purchase books and CDs in English and Chinese at the bookstore. Paul Hattaway's books like Operation China, The Heavenly Man, China's Books of Martyrs, and many more can be also purchased at Asia Harvest online bookstore.

Asian Outreach
Get involved in releasing the love of Christ; join Asian Outreach, a non-governmental organization that has been empowering and transforming the lives of needy people in 18 nations including China. To accomplish the goal, Asian Outreach create sustainable social and spiritual indigenous programs that are holistic and are designed to impact lives at the individual, community and national levels. Visit their website for more information.

Breakthrough Ministries is serving the young people in Hong Kong through media, counseling, youth services, and community living. It produces two monthly magazines, 400 book titles, weekly radio program, 20 television programs per year, and it launched the first Chinese on-line magazine, a, and cyber-festivals for youth. Support or join this ministry and help change the lives of Chinese young people.

China Partner
Serving the Church in China - a partnership between God, the Chinese, and you! To fulfill the Great Commission China Partner holds trainings for Chinese Christian leaders with needed ministry insights and methods, provides Christian literature to Chinese leaders, churches, and ministry training centers, provide information about China's culture and policies, the Chinese Church, and how to partner with God's work there, and builds new training locations and churches with the Chinese through partnership and financial assistance. Join and support this ministry now!

China's Millions
A missionary who is preparing for mission trip to China needs to know the country's history, culture and society, people, religion, and issues and events. This website will be very helpful in giving information on these matters.

China Outreach Ministries
China Outreach Ministries' focus is on "Giving Christ to China's Future Leaders" by showing them the love of Christ in practical ways, by leading them to faith in Christ, by discipling, training and mentoring them in Christian faith, and by equipping them to minister creatively to other Chinese people. You can be part of this ministry by joining them or supporting their programs.

Chinese Christian Mission
Chinese Christian Mission (CCM) is a non-denominational Chinese faith mission. CCM actively seeks the cooperation of evangelical churches and other agencies to reach the Chinese to reach the world. CCM distributes periodicals and audio-visuals for free.

Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism
Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism (CCCOWE) provides individual believers, churches, and the Chinese Church a s a whole, with assistance to fulfill the Great Commission. You can be part of this movement by joining or supporting them. You can visit the Prayer Room in their website or the Chinese Around the World, CCCOWE's magazine for updates.

Ethnic Harvest
This page contains links to Bibles, stories and websites written in Chinese, which tell about Jesus and His love for the people of China. There are also links on this page that have information to help people, who want to reach out to the Chinese community, learn more about the Chinese language and culture.

Follow One International
Follow One International partners with Chinese churches to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost ones in China. Their ministry includes training pastors, youth workers and cross cultural workers, providing caring ministries for orphans, children and families, responding to physical needs, reaching business professionals with the Gospel, and providing ministry materials and supplies.

Great Commission Center International
Great Commission Center International (GCCI) is an organization for mission mobilization with the purpose of mobilizing churches to be rooted in spirituality and committed in missions. GCCI's China ministries provide pre-evangelism, evangelism and training materials for the vast need of China. They support and participate in theological and mission training programs in China, and they publish and distribute training materials/books to Chinese intellectuals, churches, and university libraries in China. Interested in helping this mission organization? Visit their website for their contact information.

Institute of Chinese Studies
The Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) is a research office with the goals of profiling unevangelized Chinese people groups worldwide, communicating a vision of these people to the Church by various means, and mobilizing forces to bring these groups the Gospel of Jesus Christ. ICS also supplies upon request data about hidden people groups of China's remote areas. Their contact information can be viewed at the website provided.

Joshua Project
If you are interested to reach out to Chinese communities and share them about Jesus Christ, Joshua Project can help you with that. Joshua Project will provide you with the information you need about the Chinese community so your mission/ministry can become more effective. Please look under languages for the language you are looking for. You can also look for different ethnic groups.

Outreach sites in Chinese
These sites are launched by an Asian-based team. They are truly designed for non-Christian Chinese readers (and even less in Japanese). The goal is to introduce Jesus Christ to our non-Christian Chinese friends strategically.

Overseas Campus Ministries
Be part of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, building up the Christian's spiritual life, providing training for campus ministry workers, instilling the vision of evangelizing Chinese intellectuals, and mobilizing the Chinese people in world evangelism by joining or supporting Overseas Campus Ministries. This ministry targets Chinese intellectuals through the use of literature, media, and discipleship/leadership training. Visit their website for more information.

Pray for China
Jesus Christ loves China too, and He wants to reach out to the Chinese people. Be involved in this vision by praying for China. Visit the website to learn more about the concerns we should be praying every day for our Chinese friends, brothers, and sisters.

Sammy Tippit Ministries
Sammy Tippit Ministries exists to glorify God by evangelizing the world for Christ. Their website features news, weekly subscription to their devotional, revival ministries, media materials, a store and STM books. Just type China or Chinese. You can also join their ministry as a contributor or part of the prayer team.

Serving China
No one loves China more than Jesus Christ, and you can be part of that love by serving our Master in China. If you plan on evangelizing there, go prepared. Serving China provides the most helpful training tools, Chinese evangelistic materials, information, strategies, and contacts in order to optimally bless China in the name of Jesus Christ.

Source of Light Ministries International
Source of Light Ministries International is a publishing house, sending agency, supportive resource for national ministries, and partner with many of the leading mission agencies. They provide Christ-centered Bible lessons and other tools to bring the Light around the world. Browse through their Tools for Ministry and see the tools they are producing for use in Chinese and other languages by bringing them to God.

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact

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