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Ambassadors for Christ

China Partner
China Partner holds trainings and develops training materials to meet the needs expressed by Chinese church leaders. If you need training materials, you can visit China Partner's website. Training topics include evangelism, pastoral care, discipleship, and more. If you need to hold trainings at your local church, you can contact China Partner and request for their training team to come to your church.

China School of Missions
Antioch Missions
AM-CCSM provides an opportunity for Christians from around the world to serve in China for short- and long-term; strengthens, resources and equips the Chinese church with Bibles and Christian teaching materials, and; supports the people of China through informed prayer and mercy projects amongst the poor, needy and orphaned. You can find these links in their website: Prayer updates, Antioch School of Missions, Short-term teams, printing ministry, mercy ministry, China Challenge (AM-CCSM publication), news, and podcasts.

Evangelism Explosion
Evangelism Explosion (EE) offers evangelism training to Christians interested in bringing the Good News to our Chinese friends. Contact person for Chinese Leadership Clinics and materials is Pastor Stephen Lam (visit website for contact information). You can also download free Chinese tracts at EE's website.

Follow One International
Follow One International partners with Chinese churches to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost ones in China. Their ministry include training pastors, youth workers and cross cultural workers, providing caring ministries for orphans, children and families, responding to physical needs, reaching business professionals with the Gospel, and providing ministry materials and supplies.

Great Commission Center International
Great Commission Center International (GCCI) is an organization for mission mobilization with the purpose of mobilizing churches to be rooted in spirituality and committed in missions. GCCI's China ministries provide pre-evangelism, evangelism and training materials for the vast need of China. They support and participate in theological and mission training programs in China, and they publish and distribute training materials/books to Chinese intellectuals, churches, and university libraries in China. Interested in helping this mission organization? Visit their website for their contact information.

The Handbook of Personal Evangelism (Chinese)
By Dr. Ray Stanford
This book places at your fingertips practical, clear, effective methods to reach people for Christ in a loving way. You will be provided the answers to difficult questions concerning cults, religions, agnostics and atheists and how to recognize the truth from false doctrine. You will have proof that creation is a scientific fact and that the theory of evolution is a farce. It will give you the know-how to give comfort and assurance to believers, that they can be saved for eternity and that God will never let them be lost.

Overseas Campus Ministries
Be part of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, building up the Christian's spiritual life, providing training for campus ministry workers, instilling the vision of evangelizing Chinese intellectuals, and mobilizing the Chinese people in world evangelism by joining or supporting Overseas Campus Ministries. This ministry targets Chinese intellectuals through the use of literature, media, and discipleship/leadership training. Visit their website for more information.

Share Jesus Without Fear Book in Chinese - Free Online Download

Share Jesus Without Fear Book in Chinese ( On Paper )

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