Correspondence Courses (Christian) in Chinese

Emmaus Correspondece School

Life B-P Church - Bible Correspondence Courses
Life B-P Church is offering Bible correspondence courses in English and Chinese languages. They have three correspondence courses: The Inquirer�s Bible Course, The Follow-Up Course, and Discipling the Young Believer Course.

Source of Light Ministries International - Bible Correspondence Courses
Source of Light Ministries offers Bible correspondence courses for use in ministry. The lessons are effective with individual students, or in group studies. They are ideal for follow-up programs. Source of Light Ministries has a number of courses on the adult level. Most of these courses are on salvation and basic materials for new Christians. The correspondence courses are available in different languages including Chinese.

Source of Light Ministries International is a publishing house, sending agency, supportive resource for national ministries, and partner with many of the leading mission agencies. They provide Christ-centered Bible lessons and other tools to bring the Light around the world. Browse through their Tools for Ministry and see the tools they are producing for use in Chinese and other languages. One reason why Source of Light correspondence course are popular is the low price for the courses.

Bible Correspondence Courses in Mandarin and Chinese ( Simplified )

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