Books and Bookstores (Christian) in Chinese

Ambassadors For Christ (AFC)
AFC (Ambassadors for Christ) is an online Chinese bookstore. If you are looking for devotions, books about faith, family, church, mission, music, Bibles, theological books, etc written in Chinese language, visit this website.

Asian Book One
Asian Book One is a site with many quality Christian Books, software, and other products recommended by Christian scholars. You can find many books written in Chinese or other languages. The website is also written in Chinese (with English translation).

Bamboo OMF Kiwi-Asian Resources
Bamboo is the place to come for Bibles and literature in Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Indonesian, Khmer and many other languages. You can find books, videos, tapes, etc. And if they don't have, they'll get it for you! Bamboo is a place for connecting people to what they need, whether that be a local church or someone to help translate for them.

Bible Light Publishers
Bible Light Publishers produces good fundamental Christian literature. Books by Mr. G. C. Willis, a missionary in Mainland, China, and the late Chinese Pastor Wang Ming Tao, can be availed in this online Christian bookstore. There are also books written by other authors.

CC Bookstore
Enter into the CC Bookstore, an online bookstore with top seller Christian books in Chinese language. Browse through their catalogue and see what Christian book interests you.

CCM (Chinese Christian Mission) Book Room
CCM Book room publishes devotional books, Bible study tools, Sunday school materials, sermon tapes, audio books, CDs, and tracts for evangelism and spiritual growth. Online ordering is available in addition to ordering by phone.

China Soul for Christ Foundation
This is the official Chinese website of China Soul for Christ Foundation, an organization that produces books and short Christian films and documentaries.

Chinese Baptist Press
Chinese Baptist Press is an evangelical Christian Publishing house located at Hong Kong. They print and published Christian books written in Chinese language. You may visit their website to search for Christian books, or you may contact their bookstore.

Christian Bookshops in Taiwan
Chinese Christian Evangelistic Association provides addresses and contact number to different bookstores in Taiwan. If you live in Taiwan and are looking for the nearest Christian bookstore, visit this website.

Classic Christian Digest (simplified Chinese) (traditional Chinese)
Classic Christian Digest, a magazine of Classic Christian literature, provides best-selling Christian books and collections of the most famous Christian works to Chinese Christians. All their books and magazines can be searched online.

Please put the word Chinese in the search engine.

Gospel Light Worldwide
Help Chinese children know Jesus. Gospel Light worldwide produces Christian books and materials for children all over the world. To look for materials in Chinese language, click the link above to take you to the pdf catalogue.

Heavenly Stairways

International Mission Board
Help your congregation become more aware and active in helping reach the 1.3 billion people in China. Use IMB's many great resources on China - posters, banners, videos, dramas, books, prayer guide, etc. Click the World Language Resources link to take you to different Chinese resources.
Please put the word Chinese in the search engine.

Manna Book Store
Another great online bookstore is the Manna Book Store. The website is in Chinese for people who can read the language. Chinese Christian books and other materials to help grow your faith can be purchased in this online store.

Milwaukee Chinese Christian Bookstore
Milwaukee Chinese Christian Bookstore sells Chinese printed books by Max Lucado and other Christian authors. They also sell Chinese hymnals and Bibles.

Multi-Language Media
You can find foreign language Christian resources in Multi-Language Media. The website provides a list of tracts, Bible study materials, Bible, and books written in the Chinese language (Simplified/Traditional) in these links.

No Frontiers
No Frontiers supplies Scriptures and Christian literature in a wide range of foreign languages. To look for literature in Chinese, select Chinese (Simplified/Classical) in the Languages section; a list of available books and items in the Chinese language will appear.

NTMBookstore, the online store of New Tribes Mission, is your source for chronological Bible teaching curriculum and more. They have resources for kids, adult Bible study lessons, church planting resources, pictures and maps, books, and videos. Their resources are available in many languages including Chinese.

OMF International
Lots of books related to China and Christianity are sold at OMF online bookstore. You may find the one you are looking for here in this website. You can browse by category or just type the title of the book at the search engine.

Seed Press
Seed Press produces good fundamental Christian literature in Chinese language. Books by Mr. G. C. Willis, a missionary in Mainland, China, and the late Chinese Pastor Wang Ming Tao, can be availed on this Christian bookstore.

Serving China
No one loves China more than Jesus Christ, and you can be part of that love by serving our Master in China. If you plan on evangelizing there, go prepared. Serving China provides the most helpful training tools, Chinese evangelistic materials, information, strategies, and contacts in order to optimally bless China in the name of Jesus Christ.

The Voice of the Martyrs
The Voice of the Martyrs is a non-profit, interdenominational organization with a vision for aiding Christians around the world who are being persecuted for their faith in Christ. Read stories and news update about the latest events, especially in China, here at The Voice of the Martyrs. There are also books, magazines, prayer calendar, prisoner alerts, and DVDs available in the website. Type the word Chinese on the search engine to look for Chinese products.

Tien Dao Christian Bookstore
Tien Dao Christian Bookstore operates online to sell Christian books, Bibles, CDs and other items. Visit their website to look for exciting products you may want to give to your friends and family as you share God's word to them.

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact