Books about the Church in China

The Autobiography of Paul Hattaway

An Asian Harvest

Read the gripping book that is greatly encouraging thousands of Christians around the world.

The China Chronicles

An Asian Harvest

Read the ground-breaking and inspirational series of books by Paul Hattaway about how God grew the Church in China from just a few million believers at the advent of Communism to over 100 million today! Full of first-hand testimonies from church leaders that have never been publicly shared before, The China Chronicles will encourage your faith, while the lessons learned by Christians in the furnace of affliction will help fortify you for when persecution comes. Available from the Asia Harvest online bookstore and as ebooks.

The Heavenly Man-The Remarkable True Story of Chinese Christian -Brother Yun Book

Living Water: Powerful Teachings from the International Bestselling Author of The Heavenly Man

Ethnic Harvest

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