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English / Chinese (Traditional) KJV Bible: with Daily Reading Plan Kindle Edition
The English-Chinese (Traditional) KJV Bible: with Daily Reading Plan is a bilingual Bible edition. Included are Old Testament and New Testament with verse-to-verse comparisons between the English KJV and Chinese KJV. Also included is a table of contents with hyperlinks to books, chapters, and verses for easy access and the bonus reading plan for finishing the entire Bible in one year.

Ying Zhong Pin Yin Sheng Jing / English-Chinese Pin Yin Bible
The English-Chinese Pin Yin Bible contains both the Old and New Testament books. It has simplified Chinese characters and thumb index.

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Chinese Mandarin and English Holy Bibles
Chinese English Bible & Christian Bookstore offers Bilingual English Chinese Holy Bible.

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Chinese/English Bilingual Bible (KJV/Union) - Traditional Text

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