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Chinese Bible - Electronics Portable Chinese Christian Bible Audio Player in Mandarin Taiwan Taiwanese

Asian Book One

CD, MP3, Audio and Hymnals
Asian Book One is a site with many quality Christian audio resources in Chinese or other languages. The website is also written in Chinese (with English translation).

Audio Bibles for the Blind
God's Word is now available to the Chinese blind, visually impaired and print-handicapped people through Audio Bibles for the Blind. Each eligible person may receive a copy of the Scriptures in audio cassette or MP3 formats free on request with verification of impairment. Bible is available in Cantonese, Mandarin and other languages.

Audio Treasure

Chinese Audio Bible
Listen to God's Word and Bible lessons in China Audio Bible for free. You may also order a free CD-ROM in this website; just send them a request thru e-mail. You can find their e-mail address in their website.

Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN)

Chinese Simplified

Chinese Traditional

Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN) is an online Christian Radio Station. You can listen to Christian music or radio programs in Chinese or other languages (Mandarin Christian Radio Station Streamed Online, Chinese Traditional Christian Radio Station Streamed Online, Chinese Simplified Christian Radio Station Streamed Online).


Chinese Audio Bible - Old and New Testament

China Soul for Christ Foundation

Faith, Science, Life (MP3)
This contains the testimony of Dr. Feng Bing Cheng and part of the evangelistic series by Li Cheng. It includes 15 lectures.

Chinese Christian Mission
Chinese Christian Mission (CCM) is a non-denominational Chinese faith mission. CCM actively seeks the cooperation of evangelical churches and other agencies to reach the Chinese to reach the world. CCM distributes periodicals and audio-visuals for free.

Online Chinese Bible

Chinese Baptist Press

Christian Audio

Hayden Lee
Please put China or Chinese in the search engine.

God's Double Agent

Cleveland Chinese Christian Church
these sermons are in English

Digital Bible Society
The Digital Bible Society has produced sizable resource libraries for distribution in Chinese and a number of other languages. These Treasures Libraries are available on a variety of computer media or directly from the Internet, and may be accessed on any number of devices including computers, tablets, cell phones, mp3 players, and hand-held projectors. Furthermore, any of the libraries may be freely copied and distributed, either digitally or via hard-copy printouts.

Faith Comes By Hearing

Bible Recordings

Faith Comes By Hearing, the world's largest audio Bible ministry, has Audio Bible recordings in 522 languages. To listen to the Bible in Chinese language, go to Free Audio Bibles link, select the Chinese language, then select which version of the Bible you want to download for free.

Five Fish Mobi

Fountain of Grace Chinese Christian Bookstore

Global Mapping International

Operation China
Operation China is a beautiful introduction to the world's largest mission field, China. Written by Paul Hattaway, this book is also available in CD-ROM. Operation China CD-ROM includes full text and maps from the book, over 704 full-color photographs of 490 people groups, important new and ethnographical and anthropological material, statistics, and linguistic classifications.

Global Recordings Network

Guiliu Language


Global Recordings Network provides audio resources for evangelism and basic Bible teaching in different languages. You can search for tools by languages in the resources link. Just type Chinese to show books or materials available in that language. At present there are 164 links if you type Chinese in the GRN search engine.

Resources for Evangelism - Living Waters Publications (LWP)


Sammy Tippit Ministries
The Chinese website of Sammy Tippit Ministries features news, weekly subscription to their devotional, revival ministries, audio and other media materials, a store and STM books. Just type China or Chinese.

please put Chinese or China in the search engine

Talking Bibles International

Mandarin Chinese Bible

Tien Dao Christian Media Association (TDCMA) Christian Book Store

You can buy this CD at Tien Dao Christian Bookstore.

The Gospel
You can buy this CD at Tien Dao Christian Bookstore.

World Christian Audio Directory

The Bible in Mandarin Chinese

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